A Typical Day

  • Arrival & Transition/Playtime

    Children arrive after a full school day and need time to unwind before engaging in additional learning activities. At Makom Afterschool we encourage informal play outdoors, when weather permits. This is a time a time for children to bond with each other and with the staff.

  • Snack Time

    Parents are encouraged to send a snack with their children each day. During snack time, students and teachers chat together in Hebrew. Key vocabulary terms (for food items and related actions) arise during snack time and reappear during the course of the day. The b'rachot (blessings) for each category of food are recited.

  • Centring Activity

    Teachers and children begin each class with a routine to transition from arrival and snack into the learning activities. This often includes movement and song.

  • Learning Activities

    Children and teachers participate in learning activities together. These activities vary depending on the day and are designed to be engaging and experiential. Through arts, music, games, drama, yoga, dance, movement and more, children learn Hebrew vocabulary and literacy, and are exposed to Jewish values, holidays, traditions and teachings.

  • Closing Activities

    Children and teachers end with a closing routine to tidy up, get organized and say L'hitraot! (See you next time!) to one another.

Our Hours

2019/2020 School Year

Makom Afterschool runs from 3:30-5:30pm, and can generally accommodate various school dismissal times.

We follow the  Toronto District School Board school schedule  – classes run whenever school is in session* with the exception of certain Jewish holidays. We are closed on PA Days.

*some school dates may be affected by TDSB permitting policy (ex. last week of June 2020)

Holiday Closures

2019/2020 School Year

Stay Tuned for More Info.

Community Celebrations

Holidays and Other Occasions

We have several community celebrations throughout the year, including Chanukah and Purim parties and both a beginning- and end-of-year Student Celebrations. All Makom Afterschool families are warmly invited to participate in Makom Families Programming throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, cultural activities and family learning.