We are hoping and planning for a September return to safe in-person learning! We will follow public health guidelines to prioritize the safety of our students and staff.


How is Makom Afterschool different from what I know of as “Hebrew school”?

Makom Afterschool was created by families who wanted more Hebrew language and Jewish culture for their children than they thought possible through a weekly afterschool program. It was also created to give children a love of Judaism and Jewish community. Whereas most Hebrew schools are located at a synagogue, Makom Afterschool has three sites located at local schools.

What do you mean by Hebrew-rich?

Our teachers use as much Hebrew as possible in the classroom. Whether it’s learning vocabulary, doing yoga, creating a science experiment, or painting a work of art, Makom Afterschool students are hearing and using Hebrew. Students can answer in English, although they are encouraged to use Hebrew to the best of their abilities, especially as they progress through the program.

Can my child attend Makom Afterschool and also take swimming/violin/chess?

Absolutely! Children attend Makom Afterschool two afternoons per week, leaving the other afternoons free for other extracurricular activities. Our weekday schedule also frees weekends for other activities, like hockey.

How do you measure progress at Makom Afterschool? Are there grades and homework?

The teacher assesses students’ progress through written commentary. The teacher measures classroom progress based on skill acquisition, behaviour, participation, and interpersonal relations. There is no homework, although parents receive a summary to encourage family involvement. Students progress through the Hebrew literacy curriculum using workbooks and lessons during Afterschool time. But central to Makom Afterschool is the idea of learning while having fun.

What about school holidays/PA Days and Jewish holidays?

We follow the Toronto District School Board school calendar – classes run whenever school is in session, but not on holidays or PA days. We are also closed on certain Jewish holidays, including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

How will my child get to Afterschool?

Students who attend school on site will be met by our teachers upon dismissal and supervised until our program begins.

Students coming from other schools should arrive by 3:45pm.

We may be able to pick up your child and bring them to Makom Afterschool, either on foot or by TTC. Transportation provision costs an extra $250 for the year and is subject to staff availability. We will prioritize transportation provision for students registered by July 1st and those routes with most students, so sign up early and spread the word!

Alternatively, we can connect you with other families coming from the same school or neighbourhood to discuss carpooling.

We do not offer transportation home from Afterschool. Students should be picked up at 5:45pm.