How is Makom Afterschool different from what I know of as “Hebrew school”?

Makom Afterschool was created by families who wanted more Hebrew language and Jewish culture for their children than they thought possible through a weekly afterschool program. It was also created to give children a love of Judaism and Jewish community. Whereas most Hebrew schools are located at a synagogue, Makom Afterschool has three sites located at local schools.

What do you mean by Hebrew immersion?

Similar to the French immersion model of public schools, our teachers speak to the students in Hebrew and create a complete Hebrew language environment. Whether it’s learning vocabulary, doing yoga, creating a science experiment, or painting a work of art, Makom Afterschool students are hearing and using Hebrew. Students can answer in English, although they are encouraged to use Hebrew to the best of their abilities, especially as they progress through the program.

Can my child attend Makom Afterschool and also take swimming/violin/chess?

A unique feature of Makom Afterschool is our flexible schedule. Your child can participate in other extracurricular activities on days when s/he is not attending Makom Afterschool. Our weekday schedule also frees weekends for other activities, like hockey. See here for more details.

How do you measure progress at Makom Afterschool? Are there grades and homework?

The teacher assesses students’ progress through written commentary. The teacher measures classroom progress based on skill acquisition, behaviour, participation, and interpersonal relations. There is no homework, although parents receive a summary to encourage family involvement. Students progress through the Hebrew literacy curriculum using workbooks and lessons during Afterschool time. But central to Makom Afterschool is the idea of experiential learning, and learning while having fun.

What about school holidays/PA Days and Jewish holidays?

We follow the Toronto District School Board school schedule – classes run whenever school is in session. Extra programming for PA days is currently not offered, but might be in the future pending family interest. We are also closed on certain Jewish holidays, including the first day of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

How will my child get to Afterschool?

Depending on location and scheduling, we have several transportation options available. If those don't work, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation. We encourage you to get in touch with us if transportation is an issue - we may be able to assist or offer suggestions.

We do not offer transportation home from Afterschool.

Please visit our transportation page for more information.