We are hoping and planning for a September return to safe in-person learning! We will follow public health guidelines to prioritize the safety of our students and staff.

Curricular Goals

As they progress through the program, students will...

  • Build Modern Hebrew conversational skills and vocabulary
  • Develop Hebrew listening and reading comprehension for stories and prayers
  • Acquire phonetic decoding skills for reading unfamiliar words and prayers
  • Write in script
  • Connect to the land and people of Israel
Shabbat and Holidays
  • Develop skills for celebrating Shabbat and holidays at home and in community
  • Learn Hebrew vocabulary for Shabbat and holidays
  • Learn berakhot (blessings) and prayers for home rituals
  • Hear and retell the background/story of Shabbat and each holiday
  • Celebrate Shabbat and holidays in Afterschool and Makom communities
  • Experience the full cycle of the Jewish calendar, and connect each holiday to its month and season
Texts and Stories of Our Tradition
  • Become familiar with key Torah stories and actors, the arc of the Torah narrative, and some midrashim (rabbinic interpretations of Torah stories)
  • Learn key Hebrew words for understanding Torah stories
  • Identify values applicable to their lives
Jewish Values and Mitzvot
  • Explore selected mitzvot (Jewish responsibilities) related to Jewish values
  • Develop a working Hebrew vocabulary of Jewish values and mitzvot, and use these terms in classroom setting and family life
  • Express Jewish values as they relate to their own lives

As a result of these learning experiences, students will grow as ethical, engaged, and empowered Jews.