About Makom Families

Makom Families is a community for families seeking engaging Jewish learning, Jewish celebrations, fellowship in raising Jewish children, and rootedness in Jewish values. Makom Families nourishes Jewish families of all backgrounds with high quality, joyous, and meaningful experiences. We are a diverse community of downtown families, representing all different walks of life.

Makom Families focuses on family-oriented programming for the broader Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism community. Together, we celebrate Jewish community, creativity, and traditions throughout the Jewish year, with events like apple-picking for Rosh Hashanah, creating a Shabbat picnic in the park, or telling the story of Purim with a puppet show. All our programs are engaging, informative, and fun.

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Our Team

Racheli Mandelker

Director of Youth Education and Programming

Aaron Levy

Rabbi and Founding Director

Adina Gamse

Managing Director

About Makom

Makom is the parent organization of Makom Families and Makom Afterschool.

Through joyous spirituality, stimulating learning, and arts and culture programming, Makom creates inclusive space that inspires participants – diverse in religious affiliation, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity – to explore together how Judaism can meaningfully enrich our lives.

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